In Tarbes, as in most French towns, it is quite complicated to find accommodation and flatmates. Most French students rent flats on their own either in town or near the University in student residences.

However, at E.N.I.T., there will be students who live in 2/3-bedroom houses or apartments, so every semester, they will be looking for roommates.


Otherwise you can always apply for a bedsit either in one of the campus residences or in a private student residence.


The accomodation form is by no means a reservation form : it is only an indication of what type accommodation you would like to have. The international office will then try to satisfy your wish.

Approximate prices at the Campus residence:

Location: within walking distance , 200 m from ENIT

  • "studette", i.e single room with cooking facilities + bathroom + internet connection: 346 euros/month.No bed sheets, no blankets, no dishes provided. Deposit: 370 euros on registering.

Due to the variable amount of the housing allowance, a room in a private residence turns out to be cheaper, but students have to make a sizeable deposit that they will get back only at the end of their stay when their lease is over.


Shared flats:

A flat can be shared with two other ENIT roomates for a rent varying from 315 to 380 euros. Roommates can also receive a housing allowance.