European Project Semester

European Project SemesterENIT is part of a network of 18 European partners

EPS is a 16-week industrial project offered to third, fourth and fifth-year engineering students in the fields of mechanical, industrial, electrical/electronic, IT and materials engineering, etc. 


In this semester, students will develop:

  • Multicultural awareness
  • Teamwork
  • Language and communication skills
  • Industrial experience





Fall 2018


1. Improving Industrial Robotics

2. Lynxter Product Development

3. Robotics for 3D printing


Spring 2018


1. Lynxter 3D Printer

2. Lawnmower Robot 

3. Positive-Energy Home Design

4. Assembling process using Bio-based glue 

5. Improving Industrial Robotics 


Fall 2017


1. Quest for discovering ENIT, Tarbes and beyond

2. ENIT 3D Printer

3. Developments in industrial robotics