Mechanics of Materials Structures and Processes - M2SP Team

Mechanics of Materials Structures and Processes - M2SP Team

Mechanical behaviour of materials and structures/optimisation of manufacturing processes.

The M2SP group focusses on developing researches on experimental characterization, modelling and simulation of structures and processes behaviour. These activities are developed in various scientific and industrial contexts – electronic power packaging, permanent assembly and welding, optimisation of forming process (machining, finite strain, additive manufacturing), manufacturing processes of (bio)-composites structures, and biobased textile of reinforcement (composites, geotextiles).


  • Mechanical characterization, identification and full field measurement
  • Coupling damage model and constitutive behaviour law
  • Thermomechanical behaviour of heterogeneous assemblies
  • Modelling and optimization of processes

Specific investigation fields

  • Development of reinforcement bio-based textile materials
  • Additive manufacturing