The APEL reflects the fact that you are entitled, like anyone who has been in work, to have your previous work experience accredited with a view to securing all or part of a degree or qualification.


Who can apply for this?

APEL is for anyone in employment or  jobseekers educated to BAC+2 level [2nd year of higher education] and with a minimum of 3 years' continuous or intermittent experience in a managerial position, a salaried position, self-employed or in voluntary work which relate directly  to the degree or qualification concerned. 


Procedure: getting an APEL is a three-step process:

  • Step 1: Submit a student application/register with CRIVA [Regional Centre for the Accreditation of Prior Learning]/ € 390€=
  • Step 2: Write an essay describing your skills and experience) /enrol with ENIT/€ 2,500
  • Step 3: Get further training (where required)/enrol with ENIT/budget varies depending on one's needs


How can I fund an APEL? 

 Occupational status

 Funding organisations

 Salaried employee

Companies, OPCA [Joint Commission for Collective Training, OPACIF [Joint Commission for Training for Individuals on Leave of Absence], training plan

 Civil servant

Government bodies, public authorities


Employment training organisations


The person concerned  themselves, Job Centre,   State , Region


For further information or to start applying for your APEL, please contact  CRIVA Toulouse.