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Studying at ENIT

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ENI de Tarbes
47, avenue d'Azereix
BP 1629 - 65016 Tarbes CEDEX
Tél. : +33 5 62 44 27 00
Fax : +33 5 62 44 27 27

Studying at ENIT

We’ve just been awarded the Erasmus+ charter for the 2014-2020 academic period. Our student exchange programs within Europe are mainly developed in the framework of Erasmus + bilateral agreements.  We can also sign up for a Memorandum of Understanding. Our grading scheme matches with the Bologna process. Our offer is taught in French except the European Project Semester which is provided in English. Our school takes pride in offering our students European and non-European programs.

We welcome about 60 students a year through the exchange programmes.They mostly apply for one or two semesters from Bachelor to Masters'degree. Some of them can apply for double degree and stay over for two years, creating thus a close-knit student community to enjoy France at her best.Our bespoke international relations offer is a real bonus to our students as we attend the intricacies of the French red tape.Incoming students may pick up and choose modules within our programs. Our offer mainly hinges on studies , work placements and research.





Head of International Relations Office

Administrative Chief Officer








Phone:: +33 5 62 44 27 36 /50

Fax: +33 5 62 44 27 37