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European Project Semester

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ENI de Tarbes
47, avenue d'Azereix
BP 1629 - 65016 Tarbes CEDEX
Tél. : +33 5 62 44 27 00
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European Project Semester

The E.P.S. is a 16-week industrial project that can be carried out by 3rd, 4th or 5th year engineering students in the areas of mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, computer engineering and materials engineering, and that emphasizes international and interdisciplinary teamwork.

The project combines courses (6 E.C.T.S.) and project work (24 E.C.T.S.) representing 30 E.C.T.S. in total. It is carried out by small teams of 4-5 international students. The language of communication is English.

Project objectives :

Ensure that students will develop :

  • Industrial experience
  • Intercultural awareness
  • Team spirit
  • Language and communication skills

   Many thanks to Professor François GRIZET for making this video.

Project dates :

Fall semester: early October- late January

Spring semester: early March- late June

Application  procedure:

Make sure your university has sent us your nomination by email (sandra.mandon @ enit.fr).

Send us by email (sandra.mandon @ enit.fr) or regular post  the following documents:

- EPS application form

- EPS learning agreement

- Transcripts of records (at least the last two years)

- Certificate of level in English language

- Passeport / ID copy

Deadlines for applying

Fall semester: 30th June

Spring semester: 15th December


To apply for accommodation, contact us: sandra.mandon @ enit.fr and julie.fuentes @ enit.fr

Project lists :

Spring 2017

1. Building bio-climatic design (Passiv’Haus)

2. Analysis and development of a database and a web site for the management of the electrical fittings of the PRIMES platform

3. Quest for discovering ENIT and Tarbes

4. Design of a Mechatronic Test Bench for Prognostics and Health Management

5. Global design of a homemade 3 rotors flying drone (3RD) – First step

6. MIDOUR 3: wooden amateur-built aircraft

7. Foundry process

8. Autonomous vacuum


Fall 2016

1. Design of a Bio-Climatic Building

2. Development of a Lawnmower Trailer

3. DSpace Interface Device

4. Polar 3D printer

5. Drone swarms for protection of forest from caterpillars attacks

6. Multiple Recycling of thermoplastic composites

7. Analysis and development of a database and a web site for the management of the electrical fittings of the PRIMES platform

8. Improvement of a 3D printing machine by studying the formulation of the resin and the resin/tray adhesion


  For further information,  do not hesitate to contact us (eps @ listes.enit.fr).





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