Grading scheme

Grading scheme

Our study offer is organized in individual courses grouped into standard course units, which are offered to both regular and exchange students. Each course unit is assigned a number of ECTS credits. Students also have the possibility of making up their own tailor-made course units with a free choice of individual courses.


Assessment of individual courses is based on written exams, oral exams or written assignments, resulting on a national numerical mark between 0 and 20. The mark assigned to the overall course unit is a weighted average of the individual marks, based on the number of hours per individual courses.


In order to be awarded the number of credits corresponding to a course unit, the overall mark must be above 10/20.


Between 8/20 and 10/20, the student is awarded the FX grade, and under 8/20 the student will be awarded the F grade.


For standard course units, ECTS grades from A to E correspond to the usual percentages in the group of students who have taken the same unit:

- A = 10%

- B = 25%

- C = 30%

- D = 25%

- E = 10%


For tailor-made course units, the number of students following the same unit is not big enough to apply percentages. The following correspondence is then applied:

- A = mark above 15/20

- B = between 14 and 15

- C = between 12 and 14

- D = between 11 and 12

- E = between 10 and 11