Primes (Plateforme de Recherche et d’Innovation en Mécatronique, Énergie et Systèmes - Mecatronics, Energy and Systems Research and Innovation Platform) promotes and networks  players in the power integration, mecatronics and energy management sector by bringing public research laboratories and private companies together at a single location using design, simulation, prototyping, profiling and test methods.

This innovation platform aims to promote exchanges and joint ventures between public research and industry around integrating power and mecatronics (the synergistic combination of mechanics, electronics and real-time information technology) with systems and energy management.

The Primes strategy revolves around the dual aim of promoting R&D projects and regional development.




Skills required:

  • Multi-physical design and simulation
  • Power integration
  • Prototyping (micro-assembly, packaging, converter, cooling)
  • Characteristics of materials and assemblies
  • Electrical testing of high-power systems
  • Characteristics of functionality and reliability under various types of strains and stresses
  • Electromagnetic interactions (CEM)
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Reliability
  • Predictive maintenance


 Equipment (list is not exhaustive)

 Multi-physics simulation and design platform

 High-power electrical tests and testing

 ISO 5/7 250m² clean room with  pilot prototyping line

 Characterisation and reliability methods

Non-destructive control methods (acoustic and digital microscope, and RX3D microtomography)

Combined stress workbenches (1m3

Anechoic chamber, etc.


1 operations manager

2 engineers

1 chief administrator

Production Engineering Laboratory science expert (52 teaching/research staff )