This original programme (EPS) for engineering students is offered by a network of 18 universities in 12 countries across Europe. For one semester, students will follow courses and carry out group work on industrial projects entirely in English. The  only school in France to offer this, ENIT plays host to between 15 and 20 students each semester and sends some of its students to the institutions in the network. ENIT offers this programme twice a year (fall and spring sessions).


In this semester, students will develop:

  • Multicultural awareness
  • Teamwork
  • Language and communication skills
  • Industrial experience






  • Spring 2021


1. Retrofit 3D printer

2. Blue Print II - Development of a 3D printing solution to process and recycle marine PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) wastes

3. Development of marine plastic wastes biodegradation solutions

4. Vulnepyr - Mapping the vulnerability of an urban area to seismic risk


  • Fall 2020


1. 3D printing solution for recycling marine PET wastes

2. Design of a mobile underwater robot for autonomous cleaning


  • Spring 2020


1. Marine plastic waste recycling

2. Groundwater pollution by pesticides

3. Retrofit of a 3D printer

4. Moving extruding machine for Art Exhibition

5. Study of a mobile underwater robotic solution - Step 2

6. Escape the Classroom



  • Fall 2019


1. Realization of a LASER CUTTING MACHINE

2. Study of a Mobile Underwater Robotic Solution

3. Prototyping of SmartCube - HOME AIR QUALITY project

4. ART - Design and realization of an extrusion die artistic ceramics

  • Spring 2019


1. Lynxter Product Development

2. GREENERGY - Self-consumption from solar panels

3. Navigation and Human tracking of Autonomous Mobile Robot

4. Design of an autonomous temperature sensor

5. ART - Design and realization of an extrusion die artistic ceramics








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