The Centre for Mechanical, Material and Surfaces Engineering (Centre d’Ingénierie en Mécanique, Matériaux et Surfaces - CIMMES), created in 2002, reflects ENIT's wish to expand our  research towards the industrial world, into the fields of mechanics, materials, processing and the analysis of surfaces.



Skills and expertise required:

  • Material characteristics s (metals, polymers, composites, ceramics, etc.)
  • Characteristics of fastenings
  • Instrumented dynamic and static mechanical tests
  • Identifying laws of behaviour
  • Selection and guidance on commissioning of composite materials
  • Durability study/ageing of materials and assemblies
  • Cartographic displacement and temperature fields
  • Non-destructive testing, 3D digitalisation, digital model creation
  • Optimising machining, welding and brazing processes
  • Analysis of vibratory and acoustic phenomena
  • Analysis of machining vibrations
  • Numerical modelling and structure dimensioning
  • etc.


Methods (list is non-exhaustive)

 Methods of experimentation, measurement and mechanics (traction/fatigue machines, stereo-correlation of images, etc.)

 Topography, morphology and structure of materials (scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffractometer, etc.)

 Physical-chemical analyses (UV spark spectrometer, etc.)

 Surface energy (goniometer, tensiometer, etc.)

 Mechanical, thermo-mechanical and tribological  analyses (third-party maintenance analysers, rheometers, tribometers, etc.)

 Corrosion and ageing of materials (thermal shock chambers, climate chambers, etc.)

Manufacture, commissioning and procedures (cutting and laser welding workshops, injection moulding machine, autoclave, etc.)

Design, simulation (CAD software, finite element modelling software, etc.)

Expert software for machining vibration analysis


2  chief scientists

2 engineers  + 1 assistant

5 technicians

Production Engineering Laboratory scientific experts Production Engineering Laboratory (52 tutor-researchers)



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