Semestre en inglés


El European Project Semester es un programa para estudiantes en ingeniería y que es propuesto dentro de 18 Universidades que pertenecen a la red EPS dentro de 12 países europeos. Durante un semestre los estudiantes tendrán clases y trabajarán en grupo en un projecto industrial en inglés. Nuestra escuela ENIT es la única que ofrece este programa en Francia y recibe cada semestre entre 10 a 20 estudiantes. Dicho programa está propuesto en Otoño y Primavera. 


Este semestre permitirá a los estudiantes desarrollar:

  • Una sensibilización por la interculturalidad
  • El trabajo en equipo
  • Competencias lingüísticas y comunicativas
  • Experiencia industrial








Fall 2021

1. Blue Print III - Development of a 3D solution to process and recycle marine PET (Polythylene terephthalate) wastes

2. Development of marine plastic wastes biodegradation solutions

3.Investigation of technical solutions to disassemble structural adhesive bonding links to enable dismounting & recycling product after there service life


Spring 2021


1.Retrofit of a 3D printer

2.Blue II - Development of a 3D printing solution to process and recycle marine PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) wastes

3.Development of marine plastic wastes biodegradation solutions

4.Vulnepyr - Mapping the vulnerability of an urban area to seismic risk


Fall 2020

1.3D printing solution for recycling marine PET wastes

2.Design of a mobile underwater robot for autonomous cleaning


Spring 2020

1. Marine plastic waste recycling

2. Groundwater pollution by pesticides

3. Retrofit of a 3D printer

4. Moving extruding machine for Art Exhibition

5. Study of a mobile underwater robotic solution - Step 2

6. Escape the Classroom


Fall 2019

1. Realization of a LASER CUTTING MACHINE

2.Study of a Mobile Underwater Robotic Solution

3.Prototyping of SmartCube - HOME AIR QUALITY project

4.ART - Design and realization of an extrusion die for artistic ceramics


My name is Lisa and I come from Germany where I studied Offshore-Technology at the University of Applied Science in Kiel. I joined the European Project Semester at the ENIT, Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs in Tarbes. During the EPS you work in small international groups on a real project. The working language is English. ENIT has the advantage that everyone knows each other. Because of this, it exists a close contact between students and supervisors. Another point which I appreciated during my stay at ENIT was the good support from the International Office.  All in all, I enjoyed my stay at ENIT in Tarbes and met lots of new friends from all over the world. Lisa, Alemania  



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