SPIRResearch initiation project in our laboratory

The Semester of Initation to Research Project (S.P.I.R.) allows an international student:


- to integrate the LGP-ENIT research laboratory

- to discover research activities within a scientific department

- to participate in ongoing international research projects (D2PAM, IMPACT, M2SD, TM2P, e-ACE2, ICE, MAVRICS, PICS, PRISM)

- to have an introduction to research with a teacher-researcher


The SPIR semester is a unique opportunity to join an international research team.

You can consult the evaluation charter which defines the content of the semester (ECTS credits, hours) as well as the evaluation methods.


If you wish to apply, please contact us by email (incoming @ uttop.fr).



  • République Française
  • Université de Toulouse
  • CTI
  • Région Occitanie
  • Erasmus plus
  • Midi Sup
  • ENIT Alumni
  • Label Bienvenue en France
  • Label FCU