Now more than ever, support for innovation and proximity to companies are at the heart of our mission.


"The ENIT's mission is to develop a publicly responsible, creative, competitive individual who is receptive to science, the latest technologies and cultural values; to promote scientific progress, social and economic well-being.


The ENIT's vision is to be a prestigious institution of higher education, the scientific and studies level of which conform to the best European technical school' level. The school is attractive for both french and foreign scientists and students, is able to respond to the environmental challenges and has a great social importance to the national progress.


In this context, ENIT is asked about its competencies, specifically its ability to anticipate developments and drive its actions towards progress. Aware of the stakes, the logic of the development of ENIT has consisted not only of preparing its future engineers in line with the needs of companies, but also of taking into account permanently and supporting the reality of its economic environment. Therefore, in addition to the ability of our establishment to put in place new training corresponding to new professions, ENIT is planning to expand and adapt research and technology transfer to these new requirements.


The creation of technical resource centres in our areas of expertise demonstrates the willingness to change our school to increase its performance and its suitability to meet the needs of companies."


Jean-Yves Fourquet - Director of ENIT

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