Staff Week in Liberec

Exploring European Academic Horizons: A look back at Staff Week at the Technological University of Liberec in the Czech Republic.


From December 4 to 8, 2023, Isabelle GUERIN-BOUZIANE, administrative assistant in charge of outgoing student mobility within the European Union at the International Relations Department (DRI), had the enriching opportunity to take part in a Staff Week organized at the Technological University of Liberec in the Czech Republic.

In addition to presentations of the educational offerings of each of the universities, participants had the opportunity to discuss best practices and the marketing associated with international mobility. A tour of the campus was also organized, offering an insight into the academic environment at the Technological University of Liberec.

The Staff Week brought together delegates from several European universities. These included universities of interest to ENIT: the University of Sopron in Hungary, the University of Reutlingen in Germany, the University of Kaunas in Lithuania (mechanics, construction), the University of Liberec (for mechanics), and the University of Oradea in Romania (offering programs in construction, electrical engineering and materials engineering), from which Isabelle gathered valuable information. For further information, please contact Isabelle GUERIN-BOUZIANE at

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