European Project Semester (E.P.S.)L'ENIT au sein d'un réseau de 18 partenaires européens.

L'EPS est un Semestre de Projet Européen se déroulant sur 15 semaines proposé à des étudiants en ingénierie de 3ème, 4ème ou 5ème année  dans les domaines du génie mécanique, industriel, électrique/électronique, informatique et matériaux, etc. 


Ce semestre permettra aux étudiants de développer :





Fall 2020

1.Retrofit of a 3D printer

2.Moving extruding machine for Art Exhibition

3.Marine plastic waste composting

4.3D printing solution for recycling marine PET wastes

5.Design of a mobile underwater robot for autonomous cleaning

6.Mapping the vulnerability of an urban area to seismic risk


Printemps 2020

1.Marine plastic waste recycling

2.Groundwater pollution by pesticides

3.Retrofit of a 3D printer

4.Moving extruding machine for Art Exhibition

5.Study of a mobile underwater robotic solution - Step 2

6. Escape the Classroom



Automne 2019

1.Realization of a LASER CUTTING MACHINE

2.Study of a Mobile Underwater Robotic Solution

3.Prototyping of SmartCube - HOME AIR QUALITY project

4. ART - Design and realization of an extrusion die artistic ceramics


Printemps 2019

1. Lynxter Product Development

2. GREENERGY - Self-consumption from solar panels

3. Navigation and Human tracking of Autonomous Mobile Robot

4. Design of an autonomous temperature sensor

5. ART - Design and realization of an extrusion die artistic ceramics



Automne 2018

1. Improving  Industrial Robotics

2. Robotics for 3D printing




Printemps 2018


1. Lawnmower Robot

2. Lynxter - 3D printer

3. Positive-Energy Home Design

4. Assembling process using Bio-based glue

5. Improving Industrial Robotics 


Automne 2017 


1. Quest for discovering ENIT, Tarbes and beyond

2. ENIT 3D Printer

3. Developments in Industrial robotics


Printemps 2017


1. Building bio-climatic design (Passiv’Haus)

2. Analysis and development of a database and a web site for the management of the electrical fittings of the PRIMES platform

3. Quest for discovering ENIT and Tarbes 

4. Design of a Mechatronic Test Bench for Prognostics and Health Management

5. Global design of a homemade 3 rotors flying drone (3RD) – First step

6. MIDOUR 3: wooden amateur-built aircraft

7. Foundry process

8. Autonomous vaccum

9. Design of atmospheric plasma based on Dielectric-barrier discharge (DBD)

10. Design and realization of mechanical elevation system for wheelchairs





My name is Lisa and I come from Germany where I studied Offshore-Technology at the University of Applied Science in Kiel. I joined the European Project Semester at the ENIT, Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs in Tarbes. During the EPS you work in small international groups on a real project. The working language is English. ENIT has the advantage that everyone knows each other. Because of this, it exists a close contact between students and supervisors. Another point which I appreciated during my stay at ENIT was the good support from the International Office.  All in all, I enjoyed my stay at ENIT in Tarbes and met lots of new friends from all over the world. Lisa, Allemagne 

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